Parking may be tight being in the Haymarket near the Pinnacle Bank Arena due to various events that happen to be concurrent with the wedding.

There are several metered parking spots located around the Haymarket, but they are first come first serve and are $1.25/hr between 8am to 6pm Monday-Saturday. This means if one of these spots are available, it will cost $2.50 for the two hours should you arrive at 4pm.

There are two nearby parking garages. The Haymarket Garage located at 848 “Q” Street would be the most convenient due to proximity. The Red 1 Garage located at 555 “R” Street is approximately 3 blocks from the venue. Both of these are available and should have enough open spots and they are $1.25/hr with the first hour free.

Please note that UNL is having a graduation ceremony the same day at 3pm. This means traffic and parking may be difficult in the Haymarket prior to 4pm, but should be cleared out after 4pm. Please make sure to schedule additional time for these possible delays. If there are any other questions, feel free to email and we will make sure to answer any questions.